IF you love fashion and want to learn how to
create unique clothes from start to finish, this class is for you!


About this class

The class starts with building a theme board.  The young designers decide on a theme for their individual project. No two classes are alike! You will learn the secret to sketching your unique designs. Then you will select one, choose your fabric trims and the pattern pieces you need. We will teach you to pin, cut, and sew your creation on a real sewing machine (safety included) until it is runway ready!

You Will Learn

How to collaborate on design and fashion trends

How to create a personal croquis that will be the basis for fashion illustration

How to alter flat pattern pieces for your custom design

How to select fabrics that will make your custom design awesome

How to pin, cut, hand sew, and machine sew your final garment

when the course is over you will

Have met other young designers who love fashion as much as you!

Have a portfolio of your unique designs

Know how to do simple pattern alterations for various effects

Know what fabrics to choose for which projects

Learn how to design and sew clothing for yourself and others

Have a chance to model your creation on the runway!

Fabric and trims provided!


About Academy of Design

No fashion boot camp, the Academy of Design provides a creative outlet for teens who want to try something new and build self-esteem.  This fashion design school encourages collaboration in a stress free social environment. 

The Academy of Design provides young designers with individualized instruction. 

The Student to Instructor ratio will be no greater than 8:1.

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